Saturday, 4 September 2010

Col Cameron 1960s Covers

While I usually restrict myself to the 1950s, sometimes I allow myself the pleasure of diving into other decades.  Several months ago I was contacted by a person who had a collection of material from an artist who eeked out a living in the 1960s doing covers for original art work HORWITZ books. 


Included in his collection are ledgers, photographs, pencil sketches, watercolour, oils and even books with cover. Most of the covers are politically incorrect but are energetic and colourful.  So if you are easily offended then please desist from looking at the graphics.  For the rest of you enjoy covers which reflect the exuberant decade of miniskirts, psychadelic patterns and nipples.

 If anyone is interested in his material please contact me as these paintings are for sale. 

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Walker Martin said...

I noticed your comment about the paintings being for sale. I am interested, especially in the ones that have the book with the painting. The preliminary drawings look interesting also. I live in Trenton, NJ in the USA and can be reached at Thank you.----Walker Martin.